Nordic Sustainability Expo 2023

About Nordic Sustainability Expo May 21-22 2024

Nordic Sustainability Expo is built upon Agenda 2030, it serves as the Nordic region's most important meeting point for knowledge, innovation, inspiration, discussion, and sustainable solutions. The meeting point brings together a wide range of companies, organizations, and innovators who all share a common vision of promoting sustainable development. Through exhibitions, seminars, and networking opportunities, the meeting point provides a platform for sharing knowledge, presenting new ideas, and showcasing the latest innovations in the field.

Exhibiting at Nordic Sustainability Expo provides companies and organizations with the opportunity to showcase their sustainable products, services, and initiatives to an engaged audience. It is a unique chance to increase visibility for their sustainability efforts, establish valuable contacts, and be inspired by other players in the industry.

For visitors, Nordic Sustainability Expo is an invaluable opportunity to explore the latest trends and solutions in sustainability, as well as to participate in discussions and learn from experts in the field. By attending the meeting point, one can gain inspiration to make more sustainable decisions both in their personal and professional lives, and be part of the positive change towards a more sustainable future.

This years theme is HOW

Today, we are facing significant sustainability challenges and must take action now to transition in time. Much of the knowledge is already in place, but we need to accelerate the pace and make it happen, share solutions, find partnerships, and create a shared sense of future optimism.

The Nordic Sustainability Expo is the platform everyone is now seeking – a meeting place for inspiration, services, knowledge, innovation, and solutions, today and tomorrow.

We are halfway to 2030, and the need to find solutions and share knowledge to accelerate the transition to sustainable operations has never been greater than now. Demands from consumers, customers, employees, authorities, and, not least, the EU taxonomy, are growing, and we must now increase the pace of change and focus on how.

How do we reach the global goals on time?
How can we expedite the transition?
How can we collaborate effectively?
How do we achieve circular production and consumption?
How do we ensure that new innovations and solutions gain traction?

Nordic Sustainability Expo is the meeting place for you that wants to:

Read more about the Global goals here:

Global goals

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