We are currently facing huge sustainability challenges and need to act now to be able to adapt in time. Much of the knowledge is already in place, but we need to pick up the pace and make things happen, share solutions, find partnerships, and create a shared belief in our future.

Nordic Sustainability Expo is the platform everyone is asking for - a meeting place for inspiration, services, knowledge, innovation and solutions, today and tomorrow.

•   How do we go from linear to circular?
•   How do we make a fossil-free business?
•   How do we stay competetive?
•   How do we measure our progress?
•   What does the latest research look like?

Climate Transition & Biodiversity

Digitization, sharing services and a more circular economy create opportunities to quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in many sectors.

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Social responsibility

Today, there is an expectation from many stakeholders that companies should not only create value for their own company owners, but also create value for society as a whole.

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By 2040, Sweden will have transformed itself into a circular society, which is a prerequisite for achieving its climate goal by 2045.

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Measurement & Communication

Europe is facing a momentous green transition, with new regulations and stricter requirements. With the EU Green Deal, the continent aims to transform itself into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

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Transformation & Acceleration

This is the decade of transformation; in order to succeed, everyone needs to be proactively accelerating the shift towards a sustainable society.

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