Nordic Sustainability Expo 2023

Nordic Sustainability Expo May 21-22 2024

The meeting place for a competitive and sustainable business.

We are currently facing huge sustainability challenges and need to act now to be able to adapt in time. Much of the knowledge is already in place, but we need to pick up the pace and make things happen, share solutions, find partnerships, and create a shared belief in our future.

Nordic Sustainability Expo is the platform everyone is asking for - a meeting place for inspiration, services, knowledge, innovation and solutions, today and tomorrow.

•   How do we go from linear to circular production and consumption?
•   How can companies accelerate the transition towards a fossil-free and climate-neutral organization?
•   How is sustainability maximized from a profitability perspective?
•   What does the sustainable city and society look like today – and tomorrow?
•   How do we ensure the food supply?


Read more about the Global goals here:
Global goals