Picture of a happy woman and a man giving each other a high five and Peter Munch-Madsen Senior Advisor at Nordic Innovation.

Nordic Innovation joins as a new partner for NSE24.


A warm welcome to Nordic Innovation, our new partner for the Nordic Sustainability Expo 2024.

Nordic Innovation operates under the Nordic Council of Ministers, striving to position the Nordic region as a leader in sustainable growth. They achieve this by fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness within Nordic businesses.

"Nordic Innovation is a valuable addition to our efforts in creating the most significant forum for sustainable development in the Nordics. Collaboration, partnerships, and meetings are the driving force behind the transition needed for a sustainable future," says Monika Johannesen, project manager for NSE.

"The Nordic Council of Ministers operates with the vision of becoming the most integrated and sustainable region in the world by 2030. As part of the Council, Nordic Innovation actively supports initiatives that align with our vision. The Nordic Sustainability Expo is a growing platform for disseminating and sharing key messages and insights on sustainability and the circular economy among businesses, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and academia, just to name a few of the stakeholders gathering in Stockholm. Nordic Innovation looks forward to joining networks and participating in discussions as a partner of the Nordic Sustainability Expo 2024," says Peter Munch-Madsen, Senior Advisor at Nordic Innovation.