Christian, Senab

This year's meeting lounge is furnished by the furniture company Senab


Color, community and circularity are in focus when Senab is behind the decor in the Nordic Sustainability Expo's meeting lounge. All furniture is recycled taken from previous exhibitions and the company's own showrooms. In a lovely mix of blue, orange, pink and green, visitors can sit down and work, have a meeting or just rest their legs during the days of the event.

Since its inception in 1975, Senab has focused on the long term and strives to maintain high quality products and minimize the impact on the environment. A large proportion of the company's furniture is Swedish-made at it’s sister company Edsbyn, with production in Hälsingland.

Edsbyn, for example, produced the well-known Fanett chair, which was delivered in over 5 million copies and was made from waste products from the ski manufacturing in Edsbyn at the time. Today, the waste products are used to produce pellets for the company's heating. Another example is the floor screen EASE, made from recycled textiles and PET bottles.

Most of the products Senab offers are eco-labelled with Möbelfakta and Svanen.

Regarding the furniture industry's climate transition in general, Senab's sustainability manager notices a big difference and a completely new focus among both customers and suppliers today compared to just a few years ago.

- Today, completely different requirements are set and this is particularly visible in larger procurements. Eco-labelled products with a lower climate footprint are increasingly in demand, and our key customers are also demanding the follow-up of our sustainability work. And in the same way, we place strict sustainability requirements on our suppliers with long-term agreements and regular follow-up, says Cristian Dahlen, Head of Sustainability Senab.

Senab's interior design in the meeting lounge is produced in collaboration with Insyn interior design.