Roel Schatorjé

Erasable stone paper, free from trees, water and bleach


Stone paper is made of 80% limestone and 20% clean plastic. It's naturally tree-free, and no water and chemicals are required to make it. The production of stone paper is therefore more economical and even produces 67% less CO2 emissions compared to the production of pulp paper. Moreover, stone paper can be recycled endlessly, without having to add new raw materials.

Roel Schatorjé the founder of MOYU, started his career on a corporate bank, where he noticed the amount of paper waste (fun fact: 50% of office waste = paper). After he quit his corporate job to travel, he came to Kenya and became familiar with the problem of deforestation. After some research, he found the paper industry to be 3x as polluting compared with the airline industry. For this reason, Roel looked for a sustainable alternative that would save the forests, while still fulfilling the increasing demand for (writing) paper. The solution: stone paper!

Stone paper, is free from trees, water and bleach and it's also rewritable up to 500 times and very easy to recycle. An innovation rewarded with the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Silver Certificate -– which means it can be fully recycled and its life cycle is a closed loop.

−The production of regular (pulp) paper requires the cutting down of forests, per A4 paper it costs 10 liters of fresh water, and there's a high usage of chemicals such as bleach that may end up in nature. Within the production process of stone paper, however, no trees, water, or extra chemicals are used, explains Roel Schatorjé founder of MOYU.

Visit MOYU stand, where they will showcase different rewritable stone paper products and show a mini-documentary video about their partner, Trees for Kenya, the reforestations project they support by planting a tree for every notebook sold.

At the speaker's corner MOYU will talk about the problem of deforestation and the polluting paper industry - and the possibilities of rewritable stone paper as a solution to this issue. Also, how companies can play a big part in the solution due to the amount of paper waste offices produce. 

Speakers Corner May 9th 13:30.