Tire-rific Tech: Digitalizing resource recovery. DR. Lyubomyr Matsek-Ukrayinskyy

Tire-rific Tech: Digitalizing resource recovery


ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company, providing expert software engineering and consultancy services for over 30 years. ELEKS is one of our international exhibitors and will speak about their newly developed waste management platform, which has helped improve the way producers manage recyclable materials and supporting a circular economy.

We had a chat with DR. Lyubomyr Matsek-Ukrayinskyy who will hold a session about eSRP (Sustainable Recovery Platform), a regulatory technology they have developed for their Canadian client, eTracks Tire Management Systems. 

It all started with new regulations in Ontario, Canada where producers must recycle all tires which are used. In short, eTracks wanted to digitise the end-to-end tire management process by developing a flexible new platform, which needed to be smooth, agile, fast, simple and user friendly for the drivers who picked up the old tires. And of course, it needed to be fully traceable, from source to end point. 

The platform ELEKS developed took around two years to build and manages the flow of used materials by tracking and tracing, from source to end point, and shows how material moves through the recycling supply chain. 

In January 2022, eTracks launched its Sustainable Recovery Platform to over 6,500 Ontario tire collection sites, 100 service providers and over 50 producers. The platform has helped improve the way producers and other organisations manage recyclable materials and regulatory compliance. And it’s also improving the accuracy and auditability of resource recovery data, with the goal of diverting more waste from landfills and supporting a circular economy.

ELEKS will join Nordic Sustainability Expo both as an exhibitor but also on stage, to explain how it eSRP works and how it can be used for a by a number of other circular processes. 

−We think Nordic Sustainability Expo is the right spot to meet people within the same business as us, interact with people from all the Nordic countries and we are of course looking forward to meet physically again. We hope to meet people interested in digital development within the circular economy area. Sweden has always been in the forefront when it comes to sustainability and we want to collaborate with other companies or organisations, who are as concerned as we are. We need to act fast to make change happen, and we cannot make the change happen ourselves, says DR. Lyubomyr Matsek-Ukrayinskyy.

Don´t miss out his session at Cirkulära scenen May 9th at 13:00.
At ELEKS stand you can meet the representatives of eTracks and ELEKS Sustainability Consulting Practice and learn more about eTrack and ELEKS and their offer. 
−We are looking forward to talking to you about possible partnership with us and discuss the ways of reaching net zero and on how to close the loop with the help of digital technology. And last but not the least, come and take part in a quiz, where you can win some nice prizes, says DR. Lyubomyr Matsek-Ukrayinskyy.

About ELEKS 
ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company, providing expert software engineering and consultancy services for over 30 years. Its talent pool of over 2,000+ specialists cover niches from custom software development to product design and technology advisory. www.eleks.com

About e-Tracks Tire Management System
Is a not- not-for-profit Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) that works with leading tire manufacturers and service providers to create a sustainable tire management system in the province of Ontario, Canada.