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Hummeltorp Sverige AB was founded in 1973 by Bengt Otterström, who in 1955 started to develop and manufacture his own soil types made from peat, sand, clay and manure. Before 1955 soil were excavated from different types of arable land, which today is forbidden.

In the 1990s, the company also started accepting excavation spoil for recycling. On 1 March 2017, there was a generation shift in the Otterström family and the company is now managed by Bengt’s sons, Christer and Johannes Otterström. Today, the company produces and markets the very best plant soils on the market, many different circular products, like aggregates and recyclable ballast, as well as several new innovative construction materials.

Excavation spoil is still accepted at the facility, though in an increased format, more nuanced, and with greater consideration of the recycling rate. Hummeltorp Sverige AB aims to be the leading company in its niche with the main focus on recycling all (100%) excavation spoil, and to benefit nature and the future with natural climate smart circularity.

Visiting adress:
Hummeltorpsvägen 1
147 91 Grödinge

Head office Sweden, Stockholm:
World Trade Center, Stockholm
Klarabergsviadukten 70, Floor 4, gate D

Main office USA, New York
One World Trade Center, New York
85th floor, Suite 8500
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Hummeltorp Sverige AB

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