TAX, what is it good for?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for business success. Rarely, however, are the implications of corporate taxation recognised – or even understood – as being an integral part of the global sustainability conversation. A company’s approach to tax is no longer just a question of compliance. In the context of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) imperative, it is becoming a powerful indicator of how a business views its role in society and its commitment to its purpose. It’s a critical element of a business’s social contribution—part of the “S” in ESG.

Moderator: Femke van der Zeijden, Tax Director, PwC
Peter Paul van de Wijs, Chief External Affairs Officer, Global Reporting Initiative
Lorena Sorrentino, Manager, Markets & EU, CSR Europe
Anders Tegelberg. Head of Tax, Vattenfall
Graham Drummond, Head of Comms, Fair Tax Foundation
Axel Hilling, Associate professor at Department of Business Law, Lund University

The program will be held in English
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