Environmental Impacts Academy

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We find, train, and support a person who does Environmental LCA for your company

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  • LCA for Decision Makers

    LCA for Decision Makers Online Course This online course is an introduction to Environmental LCA. Develop. Understand what LCA is and how your company can benefit from LIfe Cycle Thinking. Länk till produkten »

  • LCA Training Program

    Learn to do LCA Learn to do LCA. Enrol your employee in our 2.5-month long training program supported by world-leading experts. Learn the basics of LCA making + get your first LCA done by attending our Environmental LCA Training Program Länk till produkten »

  • LCA Internship Program

    Hire an entry level LCA practitioner Let us help you find the Environmental talent you need. Our Talent pool has over 200+ motivated candidates waiting to jump on an LCA project. All entry-level LCA practitioners go through our Environmental LCA program ensuring that they have the skillset that you need. Länk till produkten »



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Environmental Impacts Academy

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