Recycled loudspeaker makes its internationa debut at Nordic Sustainability Expo 2023

Circular Sound loudspeakers elevate your music listening experience with high-fidelity sound, but use less than 20% non-renewable virgin materials. Our vision is to stop old loudspeakers from ending up in landfill by creating a circular economy. You can enjoy your favorite music without consuming new raw materials.

Not having an end-of-life solution for old loudspeakers is especially problematic due to rare-earth elements found in the magnets of loudspeaker transducers. Rare-earth elements are essential for manufacturing permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are critical components in most decarbonisation technologies.
Upcycling old loudspeaker transducers and using them in a new product keeps the magnets in our economy and reduce the need to produce virgin magnets. This has quantifiable environmental impacts, such as avoiding 70 kg of CO2 equivalent in greenhouse gas emission per one kilogram of magnet.